Negotiating & Structuring The Deal

The Importance Of Making Offers And Purchase Agreement Details When Buying A Business

When the time comes to making a formal offer on a business, you will do so via a Letter of Intent (LOI) or a formal Offer to Purchase Agreement (PA). The one you will use depends u

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When A Problem Comes Up While Buying A Business

The reason I wrote "when a problem comes up" in the title is because I guarantee that it / they will surface. In fact, prepare for plenty of them when buying a business because tha

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Keeping The Momentum Alive When Buying A Business

I have always been amazed by the length of time many large business sales take to complete – it's common for them to takes several months to close after the parties have reached

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Don't Be Afraid To Make Offers When Buying A Business

If there's one thing that prospective buyers have to realize is that part of the process is to make offers, make offers, make offers. Obviously, one should not be reckless or ridic

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Don’t Put Up Walls When Negotiating To Buy A Business

I have told the following story hundreds of times during seminars I used to conduct about strategies to use when buying a business. I was representing a seller in a transaction. He

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When Selling A Business Don't Be Offended By Any Offers

I always find it odd when a seller tells me that an offer they received is “insulting”. Unless they have specifically told a buyer their exact bottom-line and non-negotiable pu

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