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ImageBuying A Business Where The Owner Is “The Business”

One of the biggest problems with small businesses is that often times, the owner does everything. When these businesses are for sale, it is common to identify them as ones where the assets of the business walk out the door every day when the boss leaves. For a prospective buyer, it can be challenging to come to grips with taking over a business like this and having to suddenly be responsible for every aspect of running it.

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The Biggest Mistake Buyers Make When Valuing A Business

When you reach the point of having to value a business for sale, buyers often handcuff themselves and do not even realize they are doing it. Although ...

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Keep in mind global concerns when buying a business.

Global Political Concerns When Buying A Business

Global Political Concerns And Buying A BusinessIf you listen to news outlets and read articles from across the political landscape, it would be easy t...

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A buyer needs to be wary of a seller's remorse when buying a business.

A Buyer Needs To Be Wary Of A Sellers Remorse When Buying A Business.

It's normal for a buyer to experience concern and apprehension as they close in on a deal to buy a business. What buyers often don't anticipate howeve...

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Buyers must act quickly if they want the good businesses.

Good Businesses Sell Fast – Buyers Have To Work Quickly

The business for sale market has always had one consistent trend regardless of the overall economy. When a solid business, with provable financials, t...

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When Research Reveals Problems During the Due Dilligence Period

If Problems Arise During The Due Diligence Period

The title of this post is a bit misleading; it shouldn’t be “if” problems arise but rather “when” they do. I can almost guarantee that you w...

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Knowing the right strategy is important when you negotiate buying a business.

Negotiating When Buying A Business For Sale

It's important to gauge the type of mentality a seller has about negotiating before you start the actual negotiations when buying a business for sale....

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The terms of a deal are more important than the purchase price.

Why Deal Terms Are Usually More Important Than The Purchase Price

When negotiating the purchase price of a business, a buyer would be well advised to avoid getting into the specific deal terms too early in the negoti...

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A business buyer must decide whether assets or income are more important in a business.

What's More Important, Assets Or Income?

While this may sound like an odd question, rest assured you will encounter arguments for both answers while you're in the process to buy a business. I...

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Learning the right approach helps you find the right business to buy.

The Right Approach To Find The Right Business To Buy

There is an industry understanding that only around one third to fifty percent of all businesses listed for sale actually get sold. This figure is not...

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