Key Business Buyer Issues

Individual Buyer Can React Faster Than Larger Acquirers To Good Deals

Question:I've been searching as an individual investor (after reading your book) for a company that I can put 1/3 down, finance 2/3, and still get paid a salary. When I do find the

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Recent College Grad Getting Cold Shoulder From Sellers

Question:What is my best approach for purchasing a business? I have found a few businesses with great numbers and an existing clientele. The problem I am running into is when asked

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Fall In Love With The Profit NOT The Product

When looking at a business, focus upon how much profit you can generate from the business and not on how "exciting" the product is. Question: I found a business that is very inte

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Seller Will Not Release Financials Without Personal Financial Statement From Buyer

Question:I am looking at a business being sold directly by the seller. I have asked to see her financials but she won't release them to me unless I provide her with my personal fin

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Skeptical Buyer: If The Business Is So Great, Why Is The Owner Selling?

Question:I am highly suspicious of business listings that I come across. If the businesses are running so great, why does the owner want to sell?Answer:Although skepticism is a won

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Buying A Business In The U.S. While Living In Another Country

Question:I am interested in buying a business in the United States. Currently I live in Columbia. It is very difficult for me to travel each time I find a business I'm interested i

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