Financing The Purchase

What Happens When Seller Financing Goes Bad? - Short Answer: Everyone Loses

Question:I was wondering if in one of your newsletters you can address more detail on seller financing. More specifically, what typically happens if the new owner is late on paymen

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Determining How Much Business You Can Afford - Exploring SBA Financing Options

Question:I am interested in buying a business that is for sale for $2 million, with annual earnings of $500k. I am planning to use $500k in home equity for the purchase, but the se

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How To Finance Goodwill? - Other Than Seller Notes, What Options Are Available For Financing Goodwil

Question:What options are available for financing "goodwill", other than seller notes? How do you finance the business' non-tangible assets?Answer:In many cases of small business a

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Should Buyer Use Home Equity To Buy A Business? - Buyer's Wife Is Apprehensive About Mortgaging Hous

Question:I have found what I believe to be a wonderful business but there's one problem: I really do not have the necessary money for the down payment. The asking price is $650,000

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Will Seller Financing Be Second Lien Holder To SBA Loan?

Question: I have a business financing question. Let's say I want to buy a business that has a sales price of $230,000. The seller is offering seller financing of $130,000, thus all

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Does SBA Look Favorably On Industry Experience?

Question:I have worked in the childcare industry for many years. I am now interested in purchasing a day care center. I have found a center I wish to purchase in another state. Bec

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