Financing The Purchase

Seller Financing Is How Businesses Get Sold

How wonderful it would be if the banks welcomed business buyers with open arms and an open vault. Sure, all those feel good TV ads from the banking industry like to convey a story

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Selling A Small Business Requires Seller Financing

There is simply no getting around the fact that anyone looking to sell their business will have a greater chance for success if they are able to finance part of the transaction. Fu

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Buying A Business - Financing The Purchase - The Rules Have Changed

Everyone is consumed with the current economy and it is clearly impacting the sector of buying a business. Today, I want to talk about the impact of financing a business purchase.

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Loans Come With A Catch...ALWAYS!

I received an email this week from someone who is in the throes of a negotiation for a small food service business. He came across the Diomo website ( ) while searchin

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How To Get Business SBA Approved - Doing So As A Seller Can Help Make Your Business More Attractive

Question:How do I get my business SBA approved? It seems like doing so would help to move the sale of my business faster. Thank you.Answer:This is a great question and you should b

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What Are Typical Terms For Seller Notes? - Also, What Are The Advantages Of Seller Financing Versus

Question:I put an LOI on a $1M ecommerce business, and offered 30% down, with a 6% 10-year note. The broker came back and said the terms were way too low, that seller notes should

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