Due Diligence

Additional Due Diligence Issues When Buying A Business

There are a number of common concerns for prospective business buyers which also impact the seller and often times it takes a creative approach by both sides in a deal to address t

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Meeting Key Customers And Suppliers Before Buying A Business

In non retail businesses, often times there are key clients and suppliers on whom the company relies heavily for its revenue which was the subject of the January 31st blog post, an

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Investigating The Competition Of A Business For Sale

One of the key areas to consider when you are looking at business for sale listings, and certainly when you start to focus on a specific business to buy, is the competition.I am of

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Understanding The Marketing Side Of Any Business For Sale

One of the most common mistakes people make when buying a business is in their analysis of the marketing activities, strengths and weaknesses of any business for sale they are cons

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Dealing With Suppliers When Buying A Business

I received some great comments from last week’s article and I truly thank you for your feedback. Regardless of where people sit on the political front, it seems there is overwhel

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Dealing With Employee Issues When Buying A Business

There are two subjects that constantly arise regarding the employees of a company that is being sold. The first of course, is that a buyer will want to meet the employees before th

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