Dealing With The Seller

A Key Question To Ask Every Seller Of A Business For Sale

There are many questions that every business buyer needs to ask every seller. Unfortunately, many buyers get bogged down with the black and white aspects of a business (i.e. financ

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Discussing Growth Ideas With A Buyer Which The Seller Has Tried And Been Unsuccessful

Over the past twenty plus years, I have worked with many business owners who were trying to sell their companies. Much of my work focuses on assisting owners in preparing their bus

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You Have To Impress The Seller When Buying A Business

This blog received a great comment from Layne Kasper of the M & A firm Kasper & Associates after last week’s article about the need for individuals to truly understand th

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Understand The Owner Of A Business For Sale

It is staggering to me how so many business buyers simply miss the mark during the initial stages of the business for sale process and lose out on potential opportunities. In prior

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How To Find Out What A Seller Is Really Thinking When Buying A Business

Whenever somebody starts a sentence with “You won’t believe this… ” - I always reply: “I believe anything”. After nearly twenty years in the arena of buying and selling

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When You Buy Or Sell A Business An Effective Training Period Benefits Everyone

Having a reasonable and effective transition time when you buy a business can sometimes make the entire difference between whether or not the business remains successful after you

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