Choosing A Business

Buying A Business Where The Owner Is “The Business”

One of the biggest problems with small businesses is that often times, the owner does everything. When these businesses are for sale, it is common to identify them as ones where th

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Good Businesses Sell Fast – Buyers Have To Work Quickly

The business for sale market has always had one consistent trend regardless of the overall economy. When a solid business, with provable financials, that can be operated by a wide

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The Right Approach To Find The Right Business To Buy

There is an industry understanding that only around one third to fifty percent of all businesses listed for sale actually get sold. This figure is not one that business brokers wil

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Narrowing Your Search When Buying A Business

A few years ago we did a survey with over 1000 prospective business buyers classified as those who were actively searching to buy a business. One of the questions we asked was to i

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Set Reasonable Rules When Buying A Business

One of the biggest problems that many prospective business buyers have is to set unrealistic or too many hard rules about what business they will consider. While a buyer must have

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Reality Check - What Many Buyers Are Looking For Doesn't Exist

“I want to find a solid business where the owner wants to retire and doesn't have any family members to take it over. I want to offer him a way out and cut a deal where I don't h

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