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A Seller's Business Broker - A Buyer's Ally Or Enemy?

One of the greatest misconceptions business buyers have is the role of the seller's broker in a deal. Part of this has to do with people believing a business broker works similarly

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"Buyers Are Liars" The Business Broker Said

Several years ago when I decided to expand our consulting business, I decided to get involved in the business brokerage industry. I have long believed that when you want to learn s

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Why Use A Business Broker When Buying Or Selling A Business?

ontinuing the discussion of professionals that are involved in the process of buying a business, today I want to focus upon business brokers. In the past, I have brought up the iss

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Business Buyers Have To Understand The Role Of A Broker

I read an interesting article online last week regarding the use of a business broker when buying a business which I believe was very misleading. For any of you who have read any o

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Business Broker Survey Results - An Opportunity For Buyers

A belated Happy Father's Day to all who celebrated last weekend. I had a brilliant day, and I just love it one when of my children asks "How come there in no Kid's Day'" to which e

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Business Buyers And Brokers Have Very Different Views

As expected, last week's column generated some pretty heated perspectives from business buyers and brokers. I'm not at all surprised - every time I wrote about either one of these,

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