Valuing A Business

Should FF&E Be Included In Asking Price? - Is Seller "Double-Dipping" By Seeking A High Earnings Mul

Question:I saw a listing for a granite fabrication company with an asking price that included a multiple of over 3.5, plus a significant additional amount for FF&E. I understa

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How To Determine The Value Of A Real Estate Sales Office? - Many Factors Must Be Considered In Valui

Question:How can a value be reach on an independently owned real estate sales office? What should be the main factor?Answer:It is important to understand that establishing the valu

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Relationship Between Asking Price And Businesses That Remain Unsold

Question:Is there a co-relationship between a business' asking price and how long it remains unsold?Answer:One would think that the seller would lower the price of a business that

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How Are "Multiples" Determined For Specific Industries In Business Valuation?

Question:I am familiar with the concept of multiples of sellers' cash flows or owners' benefits as a means to determine value. My question is: How is the multiple determined? With

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Valuation Of A Small Independent Motel

Question:What is the best way to determine the asking price of an independent motel business? The motel I am looking at has an asking price of $435,000 and annual revenue of $145,0

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Adding Back Owner Benefits - Depreciation And Interest Expense Explained

Question:I have a question about Owner Benefits when they "add back" certain expenses. Why does Interest and Depreciation become "cash flow to owner/Owner Benefit"? I understand wh

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