Valuing A Business

Weighing The Financials When Valuing A Business

As we have discussed in prior posts, business valuations are an art, not a science. So when the time comes for valuing a business, you need to consider how to weigh the financial r

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The Basis For Valuations When Buying A Business

I want to continue to discuss valuations and this week we will touch upon the basis upon which the majority of business you will encounter will be valued by the seller.First, letâ€

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How To Value A Business For Sale

Our company conducted a survey last month with 566 prospective business buyers (people who stated they were actively looking to buy a business). We asked them to identify their sin

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How To Discount Accounts Receivable - Common Practices For Handling AR In Business For Sale Transact

Question:If you buy a business that includes the Accounts Receivable (A/R) do you discount this amount? If so, are there certain percentages that are common for certain industries

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How To Evaluate Legitimate And Non-Legitimate Addbacks - Making Sense Of The Seller's Discretionary

Question:When reviewing a company's recast statement, what addbacks are considered legitimate when a buyer is evaluating the cash flow of a business? My understanding of this evalu

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Buying A Business That Includes Real Estate - Given A Choice, Should Buyers Purchase Property As Wel

Question:I need some advice on a business I am evaluating and would like to move forward with an offer shortly. The company has good books and records, profitable on the tax return

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