Valuing A Business

The Valuation Hurdle When Considering A Business For Sale

One of the most common issues that prevents a business for sale from getting to the closing table is the actual valuation process and the inability for the parties to get past it s

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Considering Inventory In Business For Sale Valuations

When investigating a business for sale that involves inventory, there is often confusion regarding how it should be treated in the overall valuation. In some industries, it is comm

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A New Year To Buy A Business And Opportunities Galore!

I am often asked by various publications to comment on the business for sale market given the economy at any particular time or when there may be an election looming. I am neither

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Treating Add-Backs When You Value A Business

A common issue that comes up when attempting to value a small business are the add-backs. The entire concept behind doing add-backs is to normalize a company’s earnings and to pr

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Inventory Issues When Buying And Valuing Businesses

The whole issue of inventory can become quite convoluted when buying and valuing a business because there is no set standard for how it is treated and there are many schools of tho

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Business For Sale Valuations Gone Wild

I have always tried to avoid generalities and instead draw conclusions based upon facts and data. So I am always conflicted by trends - are they really quantifiable, or just a rece

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