Valuing A Business

The Biggest Mistake Buyers Make When Valuing A Business

When you reach the point of having to value a business for sale, buyers often handcuff themselves and do not even realize they are doing it. Although putting a price tag on a busin

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Dealing With An Overpriced Business For Sale

When I first entered the business brokerage world a number of years ago, a colleague at the firm told me that “every business is overpriced the day it is listed for sale”. Ofte

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The Issue Of Depreciation When Valuing A Business

There is usually a very healthy debate between buyers and sellers regarding each side’s calculation of the total Owner Benefits (OB) figure. First, let’s clarify what exactly i

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Why I Hate "Cash" Businesses And Every Business Owner And Buyer Should Too

I get absolutely crazy whenever a buyer tells me they are looking to buy a “cash” business and I get equally nuts when a seller tells me there is more revenue than what they sh

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How To Value A Business

In this audio Richard Parker talks about how to value a business.

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Considering Industry Statistics And Sales Comparables When Buying A Business

Although I am a huge believer in the value of utilizing effective data when making any decision, one area where prospective business buyers and sellers often get side tracked is wh

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