Reviewing Financials

What's More Important, Assets Or Income?

While this may sound like an odd question, rest assured you will encounter arguments for both answers while you're in the process to buy a business. I'm sure you've heard the sayin

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Every Business Buyer Must Become An Expert At Reading Financial Statements

It can be difficult to cultivate great small business lessons from multi-billion dollar companies or executives however, one of the greatest stories I ever heard about financial st

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Quickly Analyze The Numbers And Stop Falling For Old Broker Tricks

If you spend any time at all looking at businesses for sale, I guarantee you will run across a broker or seller (or several) who will only release financials on a business after yo

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Reviewing Financials And Add-Backs When Buying A Business

There’s an old expression, “you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig”. That is exactly how I view many of the items sellers add-back to their financials to prett

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How To Calculate Your ROI When Buying A Business - Should An Owner's Or Manager's Salary Be Subtract

Question:I'm interested in buying a business some day, but I have a question about return on investment calculations. When calculating owner benefit/cash flow, do you subtract out

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How Are Accounts Payable/Receivable Normally Handled In The Sale Of A Business?

Question:What is a common practice for dealing with accounts payable/receivable when purchasing a business?Answer:In nearly all small business sales, the seller will retain the cas

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