Negotiating & Structuring The Deal

How To Convince The Seller He Is Asking Too Much?

Question:I am interested in buying a business, but the seller is looking for a valuation that is more than three times the average earnings multiple for his industry. How can I con

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What Is A Fair Partnership Arrangement?

I am interested in opening a retail shoe store, but I don't have enough capital. My friend is willing loan me the capital for a stake in the business. I will do all the work and my

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Buying A Competitor

Q: I came across a listing on BizQuest that I'm pretty sure is for a competitor of mine. If so, I would be interested in making an offer. But I am afraid that he is not going to wa

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Negotiating Royalty Fee For Multiple Franchise Units

Q: What advice do you have for negotiating the royalty fee (i.e. 6%) for the purchase of multiple franchise units? Are there rules of thumb for lowering the royalty fee when a numb

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Forming A Strategic Partnership With Vendor

Q: We are currently pursuing a strategic partnership with a vendor of ours. We would like to have a better degree of control on resource allocation in his business. I am curious as

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Buying Assets Vs. Shares - None

Q: I am not sure whether to buy assets or shares? What's the difference? A: You want to buy assets NOT shares. Sellers will want a stock purchase because it will eliminate their fu

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