Negotiating & Structuring The Deal

Creative Deal Structures When Buying A Business

A common and reasonable concern for any business buyer is to be certain that the business is sustainable after you take over the company.Of course, it would be nice to buy a busine

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Think Before You Walk From A Deal

I received an interesting question this week and felt it would be helpful to discuss it on the blog in case you run into a similar situation.The lesson here is that a good buyer al

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Buyout Agreements - Don't Enter Into A Partnership Without One!

Question:A friend and I are planning to buy a business together as a partnership. We have already created an LLC, but we were recently told that we should have a ?Buyout Agreement?

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Should Franchise Resale Buyer Try To Renegotiate Franchise Agreement? - Are Costs Such As Transfer Fees Written In Stone, Or Should Buyer Of Resale Attempt To Negotiate With Franchisor?

Question:I'm interested in buying an existing transmission franchise. My attorney says it is usually difficult to make any modifications to the franchise agreement. That doesn't me

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Buyer's Attorney Is A Potential Deal Killer - Should Buyer Heed Lawyers Advice And Require Non Discl

Question:I'm talking with a seller who has a business broker involved in the deal. I have signed their non disclosure agreement and have seen their financials and tax returns. They

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Should Buyer “Stall” To Negotiate Better Terms?

Question:I'm thinking about buying a 20 year old wholesale/distribution business. They have many longtime clients. I have some experience with this type of business. The current ow

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