Negotiating & Structuring The Deal

Structuring A Deal When Buying A Business

This week I want to share the details of the the business for sale that I have been discussing in the last few posts. I think it will help you to formulate some creative ways to st

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Negotiate The Right Deal Terms When Buying A Business

Deal terms for buying a business have changed significantly due to the current market. Two specific components have been most affected. First, on the financing side, the lack of ba

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Interesting Business For Sale Trends Are Developing

In our business, we speak with thousands of prospective business buyers every month. I thought it would be an interesting exercise to review the correspondence of the past two mont

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Dealing With Partners When Buying A Business

Years ago, in one of the first businesses I purchased, there were two owners. I initially met the managing partner and he told me from the onset that he made “all the decisionsâ€

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Negotiating Tactics When Buying A Business

If you want to be an effective buyer, you must gain insight into the seller’s thought process, motivation, and concerns. Most stages of the business buying process are psychologi

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Getting The Money From Family And Friends When Buying A Business

Getting the money to buy a business is, oddly enough, one of the things that many buyers leave for the last minute. Perhaps it ties into the incorrect perception that traditional l

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