Negotiating & Structuring The Deal

What Not To Do When Negotiating To Buy A Business

There was a very interesting political event last week which serves as a great lesson for the negotiation stage when buying a business.In case you missed it, President Obama hosted

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Negotiating Strategies When Buying Or Selling A Business

In a recent blog post I had a bullet point that indicated everything is negotiable when buying a business. It still amazes me how many deals fail to get done simply because the par

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Serious Business Buyers And Sellers Get Deals Done

Recent blog posts elicited some very interesting comments as I have been touching upon the current market to buy a business. Besides the usual concerns expressed by buyers, brokers

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Get Used To Making Offers If You Want To Buy A Business

It is quite common for prospective business buyers to spend an inordinate amount of time in the looking and analyzing stages but one cannot expect any meaningful results until you

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Counting On An Investor To Help You Buy A Business

When it comes to buying a business, there is no escaping the fact that you need to have ample financial resources available to you. This is especially important in the current mark

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When A Business Buyer Offers Way Less Than The Seller's Expectations

So last week I told you about the two options I offered the seller: one was a full price offer but with only a 25% down payment and seller financing for the balance, which the sell

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