Legal And Financial Issues

Purchased Small Restaurant, Then Learned Competitor Is Opening Across The Street

Question:I just completed the purchase of a small restaurant in the Los Angeles area. About three months after I took it over construction began directly across the street from us

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Do I Need To Hire An Attorney?

Q: Do I need to hire an attorney to check for any liens on the business or taxes owed? I'm already in the final stages of a purchase on a franchise. It is an existing one and I kno

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"Quick Way" To Get A Valuation?

Q: What is a quick way to get a general sales value for a residential maintenance landscape company? Is gross sales, number of clients, margin the most important component?A: There

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Buying A Business In The USA - Immigration Issues - Issues That May Come Up If You Plan To Move The U.S. To Buy A Business

Q: I am interested in buying a business though I'm living overseas. I am planning on moving to the USA and I was wondering whether it is possible buying a business from overseas. W

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Protecting Yourself During A Business Purchase - Clauses In The Contract Can Help Alleviate Some Risks

Q: I'm considering the purchase of a distributor business I've seen and like. My only worry is that one of their customers generates about 40% of the business. How can I protect my

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