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Dealing With Leases When Buying A Business

I received an excellent question recently regarding business leases. While this component to buying a business can entail a wide array of issues, I want to cover off the most commo

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Letter Of Intent Or Full Purchase Agreement?

When the time comes to make an offer on a business, there are two choices for the type of agreement you can present. You can either submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) or Offer to Pur

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Hiring The Right Attorney When You Buy A Business

Attorneys have their role in the business-buying process and yes, there are plenty of them who are deal-breakers, but that generally happens when a buyer hires the wrong one. A goo

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FAQs About Business Leases - Frank Answers About Handling Leases In Business For Sale Transactions

Question:I think not enough information is talked about dealing with business leases. What are your thoughts on taking over a lease versus getting a new lease? What is a triple net

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Should Buyer Use A Letter Of Intent (LOI) Or An Offer To Purchase Agreement? - Buyer Wants To Use LO

Question:I want to use a Letter of Intent to make my offer on a small auto repair business. The seller's broker insists that I use his full Offer to Purchase agreement. I like the

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How Much Should First-Time Buyer Expect To Pay For Financial Due Diligence?

Question:I am seeking to be a 'first time' buyer of a business. I understand that I need due diligence, and that I need expert help, but what should I expect to pay for this servic

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