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The First Thing We Do, Let's Kill All The Lawyers

This quote is from Shakespeare's Henry VI. However, it's not what most people think. The idea was that by killing the lawyers, there wouldn't be anyone in place stop a contemplated

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Lease Issues To Consider When Buying A Business For Sale

Buying a business will often include the assumption of a lease for the premises occupied by the business for sale. There can be a number of significant issues involved with the lea

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The Role Of Accountants In The Business For Sale Process

want to continue discussing the role of advisors such as attorneys, accountants and business brokers in the business for sale process. The last post touched upon issues related to

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Signing Non Disclosure Documents When Buying A Business

Signing Non Disclosure (NDA) or Confidentiality Agreements is a very standard step when buying a business, yet I remain dumbfounded how frequently buyers air concerns about executi

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Key Points About Business For Sale Purchase Agreements

Negotiating and drafting a purchase agreement of a business for sale is obviously a critical component to the business buying process. Buyers often ask me how much the attorney fee

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Transferring A Lease When Buying A Business

There are many moving parts to the business buying process. Along with the search, analysis, valuation and investigation, consideration has to be made to properly reviewing any con

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