Key Business Buyer Issues

Some Business Buyers Are Their Own Worst Enemy

I mentioned two weeks ago that I always avoid talking in generalities and that is why the recent surveys we have done have been so interesting. We get some fairly open-ended commen

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The Wrong Way To Buy A Business

We have begun to receive some of the completed buyer surveys from the first 300 + respondents. So far, there is some astounding data being accumulated. I want to discuss the result

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Every Business Is For Sale

There are some truly dismal statistics in the business for sale industry. While the figures vary between sources, the general consensus is that over ninety percent of the people wh

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Common Mistakes When Buying A Business

Sometimes I have to just shake my head when it comes to how people approach buying a business. Here are some of the common issues that buyers table and I want to use today’s foru

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Buying A Business Can Teach You How To Sell It Later On

I get too many emails and newsletter comments from frustrated business buyers. Often times, I wonder if they will run their businesses differently from all the sellers they complai

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Two Huge Developments In The Businesses For Sale Industry

This has been a very eventful few weeks in the business for sale industry. There are two specific matters which arose which all stakeholders need to be aware of that have developed

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