Key Business Buyer Issues

It's Easy To Find Reasons To Never Buy A Business

I was stunned to read today how this Icelandic volcano ash has completely thrown worldwide air travel into utter disarray, and I could not help but think how this event reminds me

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A Critical Issue To Consider When Buying A Business

A common challenge for many people when buying a business is dealing with customer and/or supplier concentration issues which are quite common in many smaller businesses. These ins

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Building Value After Buying A Business

Last week I mentioned I am buying a business and I appreciate all of the comments posted. The deal should close either today or tomorrow, and afterwards I will share more details a

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Buying A Business Is Easy - Once You Know How

Although I have already purchased ten companies, I promised my wife I would abstain from buying a business until our fourth child was in middle school (only four year to go – or

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Do You Really Need To Buy A Business Or Just Want To?

I tend to get a lot of blog comments in the fourth quarter each year from dejected buyers who had started the year off hoping to buy a business, and find themselves on the cusp of

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A Few Things Not To Do When Buying A Business

Years ago, I remember seeing the late comedian Buddy Hackett on The Tonight Show. Johnny Carson asked him how, after all these years in showbiz, was he was able to keep coming up w

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