Key Business Buyer Issues

Start On The Right Road When Buying A Business

While the entire process of buying a business is not difficult, expecting to buy a good one with the right deal terms is darn near impossible if you are new at it and do not educat

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Learn To Make Your Own Decisions When Buying A Business

If you do not get used to making your own decisions when buying a business, you can rest assured that someone will make the wrong ones for you!In the best of economic times, one ca

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Realistic Expectations A Must When Buying Or Selling A Business

I read a report last week indicating that the business for sale market has shown some positive signs in the numbers of businesses sold in the last quarter and in other metrics. Whi

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Forget All The Excuses When Buying A Business

I am not sure if we are in a recession or this is simply the economy we will know for a while, but either way, if you are going to buy a business in the current market, you need to

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It’s Time For Business Sellers To Adjust Their Thinking

A comment was posted to the October 18th blog where I discussed a situation of a business going south after the sale. While the comment noted was not fully related to the specific

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One Major Mistake People Make When Buying A Business

I received a call a few months ago from someone who found my website and said he needed to speak with me about an issue he has encountered after buying a business. He explained tha

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