Key Business Buyer Issues

Transitioning A Business To A New Owner

So you are in the process of buying a business, or may have already done so. You are completely excited to get busy with the business. You have all kinds of wonderful plans and hav

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Buying A Business In Difficult Times All Comes Down To Perspective And Attitude

No matter what the economic or politic climate is at any time, one can always find an external reason not to buy a business. Today, for example, and in the U.S. specifically, many

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When Is The Best Time To Buy A Business? Des Vadgama Interviews Richard Parker

Please allow a few seconds for the video to load. Thanks to Des Vadgama for the following description of the interview from his blog.Many entrepreneurs view the next few years as a

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Business Buyers Should Share Personal Information With Sellers

am not certain why the subject of buyers not wanting to disclose personal information to sellers or brokers comes up so frequently. To me, it is one of those “no-brainer” issu

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The Transition To A New Owner Is Key When Buying A Business

Although many people have great hopes for growth when buying a business, more important is to be certain that the company can, at least in the near-term, remain stable. In keeping

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Is Buying A Business Simply Buying A Job?

Nearly every prospective business buyer asks themselves the question at some point in the process as to whether or not buying a business is no more than buying themselves a job. Or

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