Key Business Buyer Issues

Sometimes It Pays Not To Listen To Others

I grew up with a guy who has become very successful financially. He was a bit a pain in the butt as a kid and still has that reputation. Personally, I have always enjoyed speaking

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Maintaining Pristine Financials Makes Your Business Better Now And More Valuable When It''s Time To

I was interviewed last week by Kerry Salls who has a radio program called “Exit This Way”. It is geared for business owners and provides a wealth of helpful information. Kerry

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Do You Really Need To Buy A Business?

There are three types of people, or rather attitudes amongst prospective business buyers.THE LOOKERS: These are the folks who spend countless hours searching business for sale list

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Business Owners: You Can't "Sell" Your Business To Anyone!

No matter how inexperienced or even gullible a prospective business buyer may be, no owner or broker will ever convince someone to buy a particular business; so don't even try. Buy

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I Cannot Believe I Am Not A Billionaire

I sold one of my companies recently and have been spending some time looking at various potential acquisitions. I have also been quite busy with the consulting and brokerage work I

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How Can I Buy A Business That Is Guaranteed To Succeed?

If I had a dollar for every time I have been asked this question, I would be buried in dollar bills. Obviously, every prospective business buyer wants to acquire a business that is

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