Key Business Buyer Issues

Setting Deadlines When Buying A Business

There's a major difference regarding timelines when buying a business versus a real estate transaction. In a typical real estate deal, there are hard deadlines set by lenders, clos

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Buying A Business You Can Run Absentee

How wonderful it would be to buy a business, hire a top notch manager who will oversee the operations while you sit on the beach and relax. This is the vision some people have in m

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Avoid The Panic - Know Exactly What You're Getting When Buying A Business!

Imagine that you complete the purchase of a business. You get the keys to the place, and on day one you walk in totally excited to take advantage of the wonderful opportunity only

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Consider The Personalities You Will Be Dealing With After You Buy A Business

One area you need to think about when purchasing of any business is the different types of personalities you will encounter as the owner. You must ask yourself if you will be able

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Add This One Thing To Your Business And Your Company's Value Increases Immediately

I have looked at more than 1000 businesses for sale in my career and was recently asked what was the single biggest component of a business that adds significant value when it is f

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Buy A Business That Allows You The Time To Grow It

Sadly, many business owners find themselves so busy with operational tasks that they rarely have time to pursue growth initiatives. It is especially important when looking at any b

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