Key Business Buyer Issues

Hypothetical Business For Sale

Q: Browsing through your ads I see a lot of businesses for sale similar to this hypothetical one: Business for sale, 9 million in sales, 2.3 million cash flow, selling for 5.5 mill

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Seller's Agent Will Not Release Financials

Question:I've recently looked at a business here in Dallas that I like but I don't have the financials yet. The seller's agent won't release any more details to me until I sign a l

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Absentee Owner Businesses

Question:Please explain absentee owner offers and what to believe. How often should the owner visit, how to manage, etc.Answer:Absentee businesses may sound like an ideal situation

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Ask The Right Questions When Inquiring About A Business - The More Information A Seller Knows About

I've submitted countless inquiries for listings and I rarely get a reply. I have been diligent in listing many relevant all questions in the email. Why don't they answer?P. Bernadi

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