Key Business Buyer Issues

Risk - How Relative Is It And Relative To What?

I am in Montreal, Canada attending a family function. I ran into an old acquaintance who I have not seen since elementary school. He was, and still is, a very smart person, at lea

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Why Buyers Need To Stand Out In The Business For Sale Marketplace

Regardless of the economy, the business for sale marketplace is still flooded with buyers. One of the points I have been preaching for years is that serious prospective buyers have

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Whether Buying Or Selling A Business You Can Learn Something From Warren Buffett

I want to talk about two issues both of which emanate from renowned investor Warren Buffett which are great lessons for both prospective business buyers and sellers.Lesson For Sell

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Using - The B.O.S.S. Theory - To Quickly Evaluate A Business

It is often difficult in the early stages of reviewing a potential opportunity (especially for first-timer business buyers) to really determine if it is a good business. There may

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Complete Your Financial Statement And Make It Available

Many prospective business buyers express concern when a seller or business broker asks them to provide their personal financials. Personally, I've never understood this apprehensio

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Buying A Business With A Partner – A Marriage Made In Heaven (Or Hell)

I receive a surprising number of emails from prospective business buyers who are thinking about going into a venture with a partner. Usually, it’s a family member, friend or busi

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