Key Business Buyer Issues

Buying A Good Business Is Like Winning An Oscar

Except for football and hockey season with my beloved Buffalo Bills or Montreal Canadiens, I do not watch any television. However, I always make an exception and religiously watch

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Logic – The Other Key Ingredient When Buying A Business

Last week we talked about the emotional aspects to the business buying process. You learned when emotion must impact your thought process and conversely when to avoid making emotio

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The Right Emotions When Buying A Business

I have always believed that buying a business requires a delicate balance between logic and emotion. While some would believe that emotion has no place in a decision this important

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Dealing With Risk When Buying A Business

I hope you and your families enjoyed a nice holiday season. In my last article prior to the end of the year, I mentioned being relieved to say goodbye to 2008 for a number of reaso

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Once You Buy A Business – What’s Next?

One of the biggest issues that business buyers overlook is what happens after they complete a purchase. Quite often, buyers get so wrapped up in the sale that they forget they will

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Forget The Economy And Be Thankful You Live Here

January 23, 2007 was the fifth best day of my life, preceded only by the births of my four children. That was the day I became an American citizen.The single biggest reason I decid

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