Key Business Buyer Issues

Buying A Second Business - Should The First One Be Sold Beforehand?

Question:I own a small, profitable printing business that has provided a nice income for me for the past 6 years, but the business is now at a point where revenue and earnings have

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Questions A Buyer Should Ask A Seller - First-Time Buyers Seeking Advice On How To Approach Initial

Question: My wife and I are meeting next week with the seller and his broker of a business we are interested in, and we'?re trying to prepare a list of questions to ask. So far we

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Should Buyer Walk Away From Business With No Contracts In Place? - How Can The Buyer Protect Himself When Purchasing A Business That Has No Contracts In Place With Its Customers?

Question:The business I am interested in has no contracts in place, and the seller is not willing to ask the customers to enter one before selling. How secure is this and what can

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Should Recent Retiree Invest In Commercial Real Estate Or Buying A Business?

Question:I am recently retired from a large company but I am hoping to maintain a small income stream during my retirement. I am torn between buying a small business to run and inv

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Should First-Time Buyer Of Small Business Keep Regular Job And Be Absentee Owner?

Question:I have a regular job and I am looking to start a small business on the side. I would initially run the business on a part-time basis and employ a manager to run it and if

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Should Buyer Consider Relocating Business To Avoid Expensive Lease

Question:We are completing our due diligence on a small "OFF-PRICE" apparel business. Through the process it was disclosed that the owner of the property will be raising the rent w

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