Key Business Buyer Issues

Global Political Concerns When Buying A Business

Global Political Concerns And Buying A BusinessIf you listen to news outlets and read articles from across the political landscape, it would be easy to believe that the world is ab

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A Buyer Needs To Be Wary Of A Sellers Remorse When Buying A Business.

It's normal for a buyer to experience concern and apprehension as they close in on a deal to buy a business. What buyers often don't anticipate however is being hit with remorse fr

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There's A Ton Of Incorrect Information About Buying A Business

I try to read every article about business buying and selling and specifically in regional markets across the globe. If one were to believe the contents of each one, you could go c

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"Looking" To Buy A Business Rarely Results In A Purchase

One of the big problems with buying a business is that it costs nothing to look. There are hundreds of thousands of businesses listed for sale, lots of business brokers and countle

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Consider Seasonality When Buying A Business

Very few businesses have steady and equal activity each month of the year. As such, it's critically important to understand the seasonality of any business you may be buying. The o

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Use Every Available Resource To Help You Buy A Business

It's understandable that many people think that all they need to do is to use a business broker to search for a business and then engage an accountant and lawyer to assist them wit

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