Financing The Purchase

Seller Financing

Question:I am looking at buying a business where the seller is offering 30% owner financing. How is this typically structured? What are the standard variables and negotiating poi

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Alternative Funding Sources

Q: I want to buy a business and I wanted to know if you know any sources for funding? Like grants, lending, investors. I don't have collateral and my credit score is not establishe

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Financing A Business Purchase

Q: I have very little in the way of capital, other than home equity, to invest in a small business. I want to buy a small business but don't want to use home equity, which will be

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Financing A Small Restaurant/Cafe Purchase

Question:I have been searching for about 6 months for a business. I have looked at some deli / cafes and restaurants, but have found that banks do not want to finance these types o

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Putting Up The House To Finance The Acquisition

Q: My wife is flipping out that we are going to have to put up the house to finance the business but isn't there a way for me to buy a business without risking my home? I really do

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The Pros And Cons Of SBA Loans - This Government Organization May Fit Your Needs Under The Right Sit

Question:Can you provide an outline on SBA loans and advise the pros and cons of it?Answer:By the time you read this, the SBA may have changed the rules! While the SBA has some att

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