Financing The Purchase

Can I Qualify For An SBA Loan With A Bankruptcy?

Q: I have a question about SBA qualifying: 3 years ago I sold a very successful post production business. The sale was due to a horrific partnership. The buyers bankrupted the busi

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Alternative Financing Sources

Question:I have owned and operated a Domino's franchise for five and a half years and now I have found an under-priced pizza restaurant in Hawaii. The problem is due to certain eve

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Bad Credit, No Money, And No Experience

Question:Hi I have really bad credit and no money at all to invest. Do you think I will be qualified to open a small business? Also I don't have any experience.Answer:I am a firm b

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Taking Over Remaining Balance Of Payments On Assets

Q: How can I get the value of assets required for the business, such as transportation business? What is your take on taking over the remaining balance, payments on assets?A: You r

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Using 401k Or IRA To Buy A Business

Question:Can a person use 401k assets or IRA self-directed assets to purchase a business, without tax implications?Answer:There are a number of programs available now that offer th

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Using House As Collateral For Bank Loan

Q: I am purchasing a business with a successful 10 year track record. Purchase price is $2.8M with seller financing of $1.175. I have found a bank who will loan $975K but they wan

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