Financing The Purchase

How To Convince The Seller To Carry Back A Note?

I am in the process of negotiating to buy a business directly from the seller. The seller is absolutely refusing to carry back a note. I have explained to him that most deals are d

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Using IRA To Buy A Business

Q: I am currently in escrow to buy a service business and I recall one of your articles indicating that a valid exception for IRA use is to buy a business. Is this the case and whe

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Financing For A Small Online Business

Q: I'm interested in buying a small but profitable online business. I would need to get an SBA loan to finance the purchase. The problem is that the business has only been in opera

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Need Financing But Seller Has Not Reported All Income

Q: We have $40,000 to start a new business. But the business we want costs $200,000. The actual owner is not reporting the exact amount of money that the business produces. How can

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Overview Of Seller Financing

Q: Can you explain how Seller Financing is typically handled in a deal? I'm in negotiations to buy a business now, and I want to make sure this is included, but I'm not sure how mu

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Using 401k Or IRA Funds To Purchase A Business

Q: I am looking to purchase a business, and I found a company that is offering to use my 401K and IRA funds to set up the company. It sounds like a good deal. Do you have any infor

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