Due Diligence

Seller Refuses To Allow Buyer To Meet With Employees

Question:I am in the final stages of negotiating the purchase of an existing Subway location from the owner. He is the owner operator of this particular location. My lawyer insists

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Buying A Business With Customer Concentration Issues

Question:I am thinking about buying a local transportation and storage company. They have been around for about eight years and specialize in commercial accounts. Only about 25% of

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Due Diligence: When To Walk Away From A Deal

Question:We are currently in due diligence on a wholesale/distribution company and we are finding the operations do not seem to run as smoothly as the seller has indicated. My futu

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Due Diligence Of Online Businesses

Question:Hello Richard. I purchased your course last December and it's been very helpful. In my area (Seattle) the business listings have been terrible for the last six months. To

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Valuing A Service Business

Q: How do I go about determining the value/selling price of a service business? I am a CPA who is interested in selling my practice and purchasing a practice in another state but

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Researching The Viability Of A Franchise

Q: I recently received a UFOC that a bold print warning on the front page from the state of Illinois, referring to the large numbers of transfers, terminations and closings. They s

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