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My Last Year As A Canadian

After happily living in America for the last ten years, I am about to become an American citizen. On December 11, 2006, I went for my final interview to the Immigration and Natural

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Perseverance And What Else??

In my first post on this blog, I talked about the three traits common to every successful entrepreneur I have met. The first characteristic was perseverance. The second is that all

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On Resourcefulness

Before I go any further I want to take a moment to post about my partner in this project, Richard Parker. I've known and worked with Richard for going on 6 years now, and there is

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What To Consider When Buying A Restaurant? - Buyer Is Considering Purchasing A Restaurant, But Has Never Owned One Before. What Are The Main Things He Should Look Out For?

Question:I want to buy a restaurant but have never owned one before. What are the main things I should look out for or consider?Answer:Perhaps the first thing you should consider i

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How To Evaluate Listings That Don't Include Cash Flow Or Revenue Numbers

Question:Many of the listings I come across do not include the business's revenue or cash flow. How can I possibly be interested in a business without at least having some sense of

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How To Avoid An Endless Search For The Right Business

Question:I have been looking online and in the newspaper to buy a business for nearly a year now. I haven't even found one yet that is worth visiting. Is there a better way to go a

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