Choosing A Business

How Building A Website Is Like Buying A Business

So, what did you do for your summer vacation?I rebuilt my business and learned an incredible amount in the process.Since launching our online publishing business in 2001, we have u

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A Time To Work - A Time To Search

Prospective business buyers find it hard to believe that 90% of the people who begin the search to buy a business never complete a transaction. After all, you're probably very enth

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Another Reminder Why It's Good To Be The Boss

I've been in my own business for 17 years now and have never, ever regretted my decision to go on my own. Two weeks ago, I had another reminder why it's good to be the boss. My fi

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NEWS ALERT: The Greatest Technological Advance Now Available

Email has changed the world and how we communicate. It is without question, a tremendous tool. In the course of a typical day, I receive and send over 100 emails. I am not sure if

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Food, Clothing, Shelter, Owning A Business - The Basic Needs Of EVERY Entrepreneur

Do You Really NEED To Buy A Business? I'll bet that of the first one hundred people that answer "no", ninety-eight of them will never buy a business. Similarly, I will give odds th

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The Business Buying Business Is Booming

Each year I am amazed, but not at all surprised, how the entire category of entrepreneurship continues to grow. I was however stunned to learn that a number of business brokers rep

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