Choosing A Business

Buying A Wholesale Or Distribution Business

Having been in the distribution business for many years, I can understand how it can be attractive as a business to buy. The key consideration is to determine what drives the reven

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Buying A Website Business For Sale

We have seen a significant increase in the number of people looking to purchase website businesses recently. Personally, I love the online business model. My company now does busin

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Buying A Business To Run Absentee

It is a fantastic idea to buy a business, have someone else run it, and get a wonderful return on yourinvestment. The problem is that the concept seldom translates into reality.Whi

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The One Thing You Need To Know When Buying A Business

Before getting into today's topic, I want to thank Don Wilson for the comments he posted in response to one reader suggesting: "The seller should absolutely be prepared to have at

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Buying A Business Tips And Updates

I received a number of great comments to last week’s column and also read a terrific update on the SBA program. I want to share these with you in today’s post.I appreciate the

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Buying A Service Business For Sale

If you spend anytime looking at business for sale listings you’ll notice that a great number of businesses available fall into the category known as “service”. This is a huge

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