Choosing A Business

Don’t Confuse Experience With Skill When Buying A Business

One of the biggest challenges when buying a business is deciding what type of business is right for each individual. A few years ago, we conducted a survey with a sampling of just

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If You Cannot Explain The Business You Cannot Buy The Business

There is no doubt that the single most important aspect to consider when buying a business is to be certain you purchase a business that is absolutely right for you as an individua

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How To Choose The Right Business

In this audio Richard Parker discusses how to choose the right business for you.

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Why It's A Good Time Of The Year To Buy A Business

The fourth quarter of the year typically sees a slowdown in the business sale sector and it is something I never quite understood. In fact, this is actually an excellent time to ma

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Good Luck Finding A Growing Business To Buy

The single biggest unknown that prospective business buyers face is determining what the business will become after they take over as a new owner. Unfortunately, it is also one of

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Some People Are Simply Not Meant To Buy A Business

Every once in a while I get a call from someone looking to buy a business that just makes me shake my head in amazement. This week, someone contacted me off our website and three t

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