Choosing A Business

Buying A Retail Camera Business

Question:I am considering making an offer on a retail camera business. It has been in biz for over 30 yr. Owner wants to retire. Has posted 4.5% avg. growth over the last 12 yrs. T

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Buying A Dry Cleaners/Laundry Business

Question:Hi. I am looking to a buy a running Dry Cleaners/Laundry. What should I be asking about/looking for? Never been in the dry cleaning business before.Answer:Coin laundries a

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Thinking Of Buying Existing Vending Route

Q: I am thinking of buying an existing Vending route (snacks and drinks). What are the things I need to check before buying the vending route? The machines are included in the pric

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Thinking Of Starting A Home Appraisal Business

Q: I'm looking to start a home appraisal business. Is that a good move?A: It would seem that the boom in home buying will not stop anytime soon and so the home inspection business

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Buying A Transmission Franchise

Q: I'm looking at buying an established Aamco transmision franchise. How do I figure out what to pay for it and if it's better to start it up as a new center from scratch? Most own

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Buying A Wholesale/Distribution Business

Q: What are some of the pros and cons of buying a wholesale distribution company (an example would be a wholesaler of beer and/or packaged food items to supermarkets)?A: Wholesale/

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