Choosing A Business

Choosing The Right Business To Buy

In our recent survey, the three most common buyer concerns after valuing a business were: choosing the right one, financing the purchase and conducting due diligence. Today we wil

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Buying A Business - The Positive Impact

This week, I want to tell you an incredible story of entrepreneurship involving the Washburn family of Talihina, Oklahoma. It is a beacon of success for anyone who is thinking abou

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Why Would Anyone Sell A Good Business?

This question was posed to me recently by a radio show host. It was interesting because he couldn’t get his arms around the idea that anyone would ever sell a good business.It's

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Some Business Buyers See Problems.....Some See Opportunities

I just returned from a weekend in Orlando, Florida with my wife and youngest of our four children, our six-year old son Jake. He is a Sponge Bob Square Pants fanatic and he wanted

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Separating Buyers From

Being based in Florida, I get way too many calls from prospective 'business buyers' who have sold their businesses up north, they may be retired, and now they’ve settled down her

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Buy A Business With The Attributes Of The NY Giants

A good life-lesson was learned from Sunday’s Super Bowl. Leading up to the game, none of the talking heads (i.e. network analysts) would dare predict the NY Giants having much of

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