Choosing A Business

Buying A Business In A Mall

Q: There's a small florist shop that I am looking to buy. It's located in a mall, been around for ten years and seems to be doing well. They get a lot of passer by traffic (it's a

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How To Separate Good Versus Bad Listings - Finding What You Want Is Easier If You Look For A Few Items

Question: Some listings have a lot of relevant information and others seem to have almost nothing. How do I separate the good from the bad ones? What should I be looking for so I d

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Why Buy An Existing Business? - An Existing Business Or Franchise Will Have A History From Which You

With so many options available to you, the question will become which vein of the business ownership arena should you pursue? Between franchises, existing businesses, start-ups, ho

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The Right Business For You - Noting Businesses That You Don't Want Is A Good Starting Point

If you're going to do one thing right during the buying process make certain that you buy the right business for YOU! For most people, this is the biggest concern when it comes to

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Why Buy A Business And How To Do It The Right Way

In this video Richard Parker indicates why you should buy a business and how to do it the right way. Additionally, to view a very interesting PDF document, please click here.

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If Barack Obama Can Be President Then Surely You Can Buy A Business

I want to thank everyone again for all of your kind wishes regarding last week’s column. Election Day was incredibly inspiring for my daughter and me. When the people in line at

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