Buying A Liquor Store

Learn How To Buy A Highly Profitable Liquor Store.

How can you be sure a particular liquor store is a worthwhile investment?

  • It’s not about the overall appearance of the liquor store.
  • It’s not about what the seller initially tells you.
  • It’s not even always about the location…

The ‘real secret’ to buying a profitable liquor store business is in knowing the exact strategies to use at each step in the buying process and by conducting an impeccable analysis, review, negotiation and valuation to be certain you pay the right price and terms and uncover any potential problems before you complete the transaction.

Secrets To Buying A Great Liquor Store.

The Liquor Store Business Is Lucrative!

Is the liquor store you are considering a diamond in the rough? Or is it a disaster waiting to happen?

To make sure you are picking the right store, be sure to ask these questions.

“What are traffic patterns in the area?”

How do they support or work against the success of the retail business you are considering? And make it a point to drop by town hall to review recent activities of the town planning board or the equivalent arm of government…

“Are there good economic conditions in the community?”

Are businesses in the area opening or closing? Are the major employers in the area in good financial condition, or about to close their doors? What are the crime rates? Who are the biggest employers? Are new businesses opening that will improve the economic climate? Are many houses or commercial properties in the area for sale or, even worse, vacant and boarded up?..

“Will I be able to find and keep good employees?”

Any retail enterprise succeeds or fails because of its sales staff.

Often, the most profit-generating salespeople are those who resemble your ideal customers.

“Is the store visible?”

If people will drive to your store, will they be able to see it from the adjacent road? If not, can you help them find it by placing signs next to the road?..

“What kind of curb appeal does the store have?”

It should have large windows, an uncluttered interior, cleanliness and bright lights. These factors are critical. Remember, a sizable percentage of your customers will see your business before deciding whether to come in to shop.

“Will my customers have convenient parking and/or public transportation?”

Is your potential store located across the street from a suburban train station or a stop on a commuter bus line? (Good choices, both!) Will people park in your own parking lot, near your door? Or in a well-run municipal lot on the next block? If people will not drive to your store (perhaps it will be in a city location), will they be able to easily come to you on public transportation?..

“Are there bright, big, colorful signs?”

These might already be in place but if not, they can present a large, but crucial expense. If good signage is not already present in the retail business you are considering, is there a way to add it after you are the owner?..

Use these questions to help assure that you are buying a liquor store with the basic building blocks of success already in place. Then learn more by reading my new guide, “How To Buy A Good Liquor Store At A Great Price©.” It is the only guide that puts the keys to buying a great new liquor store into your hands!

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About The Author.

My Name is Richard Parker and I have personally purchased thirteen businesses during my career and built several others from start-up. The information in my programs are based on real-life, hands on experiences. I have provided consultation to thousands of prospective business buyers who have used my materials, attended my seminars, followed my guidance and expertise to buy good businesses in every type of industry you could possibly imagine.

It has taken a lot of time, effort and some painful experiences to develop the tried-and-true formulas that immediately identify a good business. More important is recognizing what particular business is ideal for the individual. Good businesses run by the wrong people quickly turn sour and that’s why so much of our material is devoted to helping each client buy the right business for them.

Expert Consulting And Support At Every Step.

Along with the program you can consult directly with Richard and a team of experts as often as you wish during the business-buying process and there is no additional charge for this service and support.

Our Unconditional Money Back Guarantee.

After you receive the material, if for any reason whatsoever at anytime in the future, you are not 100% satisfied, or if you don’t believe that we have equipped you with all of the skills and knowledge you’ll need to buy the right business, just let us know at any time and we’ll immediately refund your entire purchase price.

No questions asked! No time limits! No hidden clauses! No fine print!

Not only are we going to help you eliminate all of the guesswork from buying a business, we have also removed any risk when you decide to purchase this program.

Why Our Products Are Unique.

The How To Buy A Good Business At A Great Price© series is not a generic introductory book about buying a business. The information provided are proven strategies that work and have been compiled from over one thousand successful business purchases and business for sale analysis and investigations over the past twenty years. This material is for the serious business buyer who realizes that in order to be successful, they must be equipped with specific knowledge and have access to unbiased expert advice to be certain they make all the right decisions.

The materials are laid out in a step-by-step format that mirrors each specific stage of the business-buying process. The program is geared to give the buyer the advantage in the purchase and to eliminate the risks associated with buying a business. As such, the information clearly explains what a business buyer needs to know at each step, what they must do, and exactly how to do it.

Plus, we provide ongoing expert consulting support to assist you at every step.

The materials also include automated valuation spreadsheets, legal agreements, business plan templates, specific language for purchase agreement terms and case studies.

Visit the program’s main page at where you can learn more about this product or make a purchase.

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