A businessman going through the questions of his colleague. Ask The Right Questions When Inquiring About A Business - The More Information A Seller Knows About
A businessman going through the questions of his colleague.

I've submitted countless inquiries for listings and I rarely get a reply. I have been diligent in listing many relevant all questions in the email. Why don't they answer?

P. Bernadine, Flower Mound, TX

A: Sorry Paul, you're asking the wrong questions! Why would they tell you anything at this stage? They have no idea who you are, or if you even qualify financially to buy the business. Please understand that sellers are bombarded with "tire kickers".

Your first step is to inquire and demonstrate to the seller that you're serious and would like to learn more


My suggestion is your emails should simply state a brief bit about yourself and that you'd like to learn more about the business. Ask them to send you a standard non-disclosure form to complete.

Ask the seller if you can then set up a convenient time to discuss the business a bit further.

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