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Standardizing The Process Of Buying A Business

The last few weeks I have tabled some concepts of people paying for certain services, information and assistance when buying a business. I received an interesting comment from Leon

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Do You Need A Buyer’s Broker When Buying A Business?

There is a huge misconception amongst buyers regarding the role of a business broker. I will not dwell on points we have covered in past newsletters however, it is important to und

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The Results Are In - I'm Shocked - But Pleasantly Surprised!

Have you ever asked someone a question fully anticipating a certain answer and they reply the complete opposite way? You then find yourself almost too stunned to respond...right?We

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What Frustrates & Confuses Many Buyers About Brokers

I want to continue discussing some of the misconceptions and misunderstandings that transpire between business buyers and brokers. I also want to thank you for the great feedback t

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Hey Buyers And Brokers - Can't You Guys Get Along?

The the last few weeks I have received an unusually high volume of comments from business buyers and brokers. I thank you for all of your comments; that is what makes a great onlin

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Using A Business Broker To Sell Your Business - Brokers Can Help Tremendously, Just Be Certain You Hire The Right One.

Question:I have decided to sell my successful business. I am leaning towards selling it on my own. I see all these websites available to list businesses and my inquiries to my acco

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