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Is Business Brokerage A Good Field To Be In? - Yes! But Make Sure You Get Properly Trained First

Question:I learn a lot from your question and answer section. My questions are: 1) Is business brokering a good business to be in and can you really make good money selling busines

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How To Get Brokers To Take You Seriously - Hint: Show Me The Money!

Question:I've been having a hard time getting brokers to respond to my inquiries on their listings, and I think it's because I am very young (22) and have never bought a business b

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Cannot Get Any Information From Brokers - Miffed Buyer Doesn't Understand Why Brokers Won't Email Fu

Question:I have been looking to buy a business for about 8 months now and very seriously in the last 2-3 months. I have sent in at least ten inquiries to business brokers recently

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Am I Dealing With An Incompetent Broker? - Unmotivated Or Uncooperative Sellers Can Make Even Good B

Question:How can you get past a bad, or just plain incompetent, broker? The latest example is waiting for more than 3 weeks for any kind of financial paperwork for a business we we

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Paying An Upfront Fee To A Business Buyer Representative

Q: I want to buy a business that manufactures accessories for trucks/SUV's in the $2-10 Million revenue range. Have not had much luck approaching potential companies that are not o

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Can A Business Broker Represent Buyer And Seller?

Q: The business broker I've been using is also representing the seller. Is this a normal situation and am I responsible for all or part of her commission? A: This situation does ha

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